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The Progressive Matrices Tests have been in use for 60 years, gaining wide acceptance in clinical, educational, vocational and cross-cultural investigations. The accumulated literature on these tests is almost impossible to locate, even with present retrieval systems, because of its long usage and presentation in many foreign language journals. This Bibliography represents a compilation of over 3000 references with brief abstracts to guide researchers into the current literature. Journals and books, including extensive foreign language sources, are specially summarised to identify the relevance of the Progressive Matrices and Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale.

The authors would be very interested to hear of any articles or material that relates to the use of J C Raven Ltd products.

For queries regarding the Bibliography or relating to material discussing the Raven's products please contact: [email protected]

Request for Normative Studies

As the material reviewed in the Manual shows, the norms for the RPM and MHV tests have increased over the years and vary with the population studied. New norming studies based on demographically definable populations are therefore always required. The publishers are able to make test booklets available on loan for such studies and to defray the marginal costs of collecting data. Anyone even tentatively interested in collecting such information is warmly invited to contact J C Raven Ltd: [email protected]

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