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1938 saw the first publication of the Progressive Matrices, a set of tests developed by John Carlyle Raven using Spearman's Theory of General Intelligence and its components, eductive and reproductive ability. Colloquially, the test is best described as a measure of "a persons capacity for coherent perception and orderly judgement"

John Carlyle Raven's three sons John, Barton, and Martin formed the company J C Raven Ltd in 1972.

Dr John Raven the eldest son, took on the management of the company enabling the continued development and maintenance of the tests as well as promoting the development of other tools for use in psychological assessment, organisational development, staff guidance, placement and development.

Although best known for the Raven's Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scales, John Raven senior and junior have both made major contributions to research relating to the nature, development, assessment, and release of competent behaviour.

This work has been published in more than 20 books and research reports and over 200 hundred journal articles.

John Raven would be very interested indeed to hear from anyone interested in this programme of research and development. For further information in regard to this read JCRL's research programme.

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